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We are a well-funded pan-European game developer. We’re assembling a world-class team to build a living world that people will call their home for decades. Join us now and impact the game we develop and the company we’re building.

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We are a fully distributed pan-European game developer with studios in Helsinki, Reykjavík, and Paris. We support both remote and in-office work, following one simple rule: work where you are most productive!

  • Helsinki
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  • Paris


Capital of Finland, the happiest country in the world, Helsinki is Europe's most vibrant and innovative game hub, with developer studios from startups to well-established success stories.

Mainframe was founded in Helsinki and we have our headquarters in the heart of the city close to the sea and with plenty of forests nearby.

Meet the Mainframers

Mainframe’s Thor, Co-founder and CEO

Building and operating an MMO that we hope will live for decades is absolutely a marathon, not a sprint. We aim to structure our production practices accordingly and build the kind of team that takes care of its own for the long haul. Crunch has no place in that world!

Co-founder and CEO

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